Launch new pricing with Stigg. Get started now.

A better buying experience is what stands between free to paid customers. Today, Stigg’s makes its APIs & SDKs available, so you can develop and launch new pricing plans in seconds, and roll-out exceptional self-service buying experiences.

Launch new pricing with Stigg. Get started now.

Following our funding announcement earlier this year, we’re excited to share the next exciting news with you - 

We’re making Stigg available to the world and you can get started here.

What’s been happening until now

In the past months, we’ve been working closely with selected, fast-growing companies, like Zenhub, Swimm, Talkbase, Doubleloop, and Guidde, on our mission to transform the buyer experience in B2B SaaS, enabling companies to launch pricing plans faster and unlock new growth opportunities, while delivering best in class experiences for engineering and product teams.

Truth is that like your product, pricing development never stops. The market forces companies to create exceptional buyer experiences, ongoingly matching customers’ needs and wants. 

And yet, shipping pricing plans still sucks. Rigid structures require long development cycles and a myriad of knobs to update for every change a company wants to make. 

So, we’ve set out to close this gap. We’ve sat down with engineering teams as well as product and growth teams to map the tools they’re lacking today and built the platform we make available today. 

What do you get access to today

Building Stigg, we always have and always will follow our north star: Enabling you to launch pricing faster and unlock new growth opportunities, while drastically cutting time needed from engineering teams.

Launch pricing faster

Our key mission is to help you launch your pricing plans faster. 

Stigg’s pricing & packaging platform connects all the important knobs - your application UI, BE services, billing and CRM, pricing page and paywalls, provisioning, access control, and data pipelines - so building and launching pricing plans will only take a few minutes. 

We’ve built an interactive product tour, so you can explore Stigg before integrating it.

Our users can easily add new plans, introduce full trial flows, offer different pricing models like usage-based pricing, and create everything self-service buying has to offer, from customer portals to dynamic paywalls, in-app upgrades and downgrades, and user notifications.

Today, we’re also becoming the users of our own product. Stigg’s pricing page is built with Stigg, using our very own paywall widget. Next blog post, about how we’ve built our own pricing model, is already in the making. Stay tuned!

Best-in-class developer experience

While pricing decisions are in the hands of product and growth teams, realizing those decisions is a developer’s task and ever so often interrupts sprints and demands way too much time. 

We’ve made it our mission to fix that.

Our APIs and SDKs allow developers to build flexible infrastructures, so you never have to worry about pricing in your codebase again. Ship your pricing plans safely, and in a fraction of the time you spent until now. 

The unique architecture of our SDKs allows for multiple fall-back mechanisms to assure service to your customer around the clock. Our AWS serverless infrastructure and global distribution make our APIs highly available everywhere around the globe. We use CDN edge nodes to retrieve data from the closest location to your user and configuration is cached on SDK level.

Stigg also removes tedious pricing tasks from your sprints. With Stigg’s no code platform, engineering teams can let product and growth teams test and tweak their pricing easily themselves.

And the best part - Stigg can be integrated in 3 simple steps. Our team has created a video to walk you through the steps. Today, we’re also releasing our extensive developer documentation and a brand new example project for you to play with.

Unlock new growth opportunities

One of the things we’re repeatedly hearing from SaaS companies is that they want to feel more confident when making pricing decisions.

So, we’ve built Stigg’s Feature Inspector, a dashboard that reports feature usage and helps identify opportunities in the way you package your offerings and drive upgrades. 

Once you’ve identified an opportunity, Stigg’s Experiments enable you to validate your hypotheses with a set of users. In a few button clicks, you can now find out if time-limited trials or freemium experiences result in more paying customers - and how to package your features into plans your users will buy.

Updating your pricing plans is incredibly easy. With Stigg’s no code platform, any team can instantly and safely roll out changes across the product, pricing page, CRM, and billing.

We’ve also added capabilities to manage individual customers, like granting promotional entitlements or updating trial periods.

Get started now

Stigg is now available and free. Ready to forever change the way you’re handling your pricing plans? Get started now.


A big thank you to our incredible design partners - the teams at Guidde, Swimm, Zenhub, Talkbase, and Doubleloop - for trusting in us from the very beginning and helping us build the APIs & SDKs that enable SaaS businesses to launch pricing plans faster and create complete self-service buying experiences. 🙏