Usage-based pricing

Charge your customers what they really consume

Launch any usage-based pricing model, from tiered to volume discount to hybrid pricing. Get advanced metering with entitlements, so you can easily roll out pricing across your application, pricing page, and billing provider.

Any pricing model

Pay-as-you-go, volume discount, tiered pricing, packaged pricing, or hybrid models. Stigg supports them all.

Advanced metering

Real-time ingestion, aggregation, storage, & analysis out-of-the-box. Send raw data to Stigg or let us handle it all.

No-code changes

From small tweaks to complete pricing overhauls - integrate Stigg once, never touch your codebase for changes again.

Complete usage-based pricing

From advanced metering to smart feature gating and flexible pricing & packaging capabilities, build any usage-based pricing with Stigg.

Any Pricing Model

Easily build any usage-based pricing model

Tiered pricing, volume discounts, platform fee + add-ons, pay-as-you-go, or fully hybrid pricing models, ... With Stigg, you don’t need to choose. Build any pricing model with advanced metering, entitlements, and pricing & packaging, in one powerful API.

Metering & Aggregation

Track & report real-time usage at scale

Seats, API calls, monthly active users - Stigg tracks and reports real-time usage of your product features. Built for scale and robustness.

Got more complex calculations? Use our SDKs in multiple languages to let Stigg handle aggregation for you. Aggregate data by user ID, data center, or any custom dimension.


Set usage limits inside your product

Want to set different storage limits for each plan? Or gate access to your dashboard for lower tier plans? Do you want to block access or allow overage?

Forget about building this yourself. With Stigg, you get out-of-the-box entitlements to gate access to features inside your application - from boolean to metered.

Pricing & Billing

Charge customers by usage in real-time

Stigg keeps your billing provider always in sync with the pricing plans you’ve defined. You’re no longer stuck with what your billing service provides - or with any billing service for that matter.

Don’t have billing yet? No problem. Stigg handles the setup as well.

Self-Service Widgets

Quickly add paywalls & customers portals

Advance your customer journey with best-in-class paywalls, built to support any usage-based pricing model, as well as snap-in customer portals to keep your customers always informed about their current usage and subscription status.

The best thing? Stigg’s widgets automatically update, whenever you make a change in your pricing.

Built for speed & scale

events handled
up time with multiple layers of redundancy
scalable metering
subscriptions managed monthly

Reporting for every team

Keep everyone informed to drive business decisions and growth, with the data Stigg is tracking for you.

Alerts & Notifications

Trigger team and user notifications

Create webhooks to send notifications based on the data Stigg is tracking for you. Trigger Slack notifications to your team when an event failed, let your Sales team know when a customer is about to finish their trial, or send user notifications, before a customer exceeds their limits.

Usage Data Insights

Get actionable insights about usage

Stigg’s feature inspector helps product, growth, or marketing teams to understand how customers use your features to better package your offering into attractive plans.

Usage-based is only the beginning

Stigg gives developers the tools to launch pricing plans faster and build incredible buying experiences.

Run safe pricing iterations, without code

Introduce a full self-service buying experience

Add trial to your pricing model right now

“Not consulting, but if you're looking for a product to help with your PLG pricing, you should check out Stigg.”
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Always by your side

At Stigg, we make sure you have the best resources for every step of the way.

Vast documentation

Follow our step-by-step guides and examples to build a flexible pricing infrastructure with Stigg.

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Get quick answers and help with your pricing plans from people who’ve ‘been there, done that’.

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