Building pricing plans in SaaS is rigid, slow and uninformed. Enter Stigg.

Today, we’re excited to launch Stigg, the platform that changes the way SaaS companies define, refine, and execute their pricing strategy.

Building pricing plans in SaaS is rigid, slow and uninformed. Enter Stigg.

By building great tools for developers to implement smart, flexible infrastructure we enable the business to quickly ship better plans to their customers and easily test, tweak, and roll out any pricing model. We’re proud to be backed by Unusual Ventures, Emerge Ventures, and a group of seasoned SaaS CXOs and pricing experts. Our product is being developed with the love and support of an emerging software monetization community, which includes leaders from the world’s most forward-thinking companies like Gong, Grafana, Cloudinary, Contentful and DocuSign.

Scott Williamson, CPO ex-Gitlab & ex-Sendgrid/Twilio.

Value-based pricing. Now.

Before we founded Stigg, Anton and I were fortunate to build software together at New Relic. At the time, New Relic had taken-on a huge and impactful transformation in its GTM strategy, doubling down on user-led growth and usage-based pricing as its chief customer buying experience. Our leadership rightfully set an objective to have our product value in a better correlation with its price. Deciding to shift focus to self-service is a big deal, even for an organization as cutting edge as New Relic. The scale is immense, the implications are long and wide — everyone has to roll up their sleeves to allow it — sales, marketing, operations, customer support, finance and of course — product and R&D.

It was that moment we realized what will later become Stigg’s mission — building and maintaining pricing models is broken. We must fix it.

After +150 conversations with SaaS CXOs, Growth execs, startup founders and pricing experts around the world, we had the answer. Any tweak screws everything up: The website, the sales commission plans, the product, the CRM, the revenue recognition, the billing. Can you imagine the volume, level and scope of communication required to accept a change in that environment?

This is why we rarely make pricing changes. Not making pricing changes is exactly how we end up with impaired pricing strategies, inherited from legacy, sunk cost decisions. We willingly choose to leave money on the table. Can you believe it?

If you're selling software, you're probably leaving money on the table.

Two-in-five companies that alter their pricing report a 25% higher increase in ARR as a result. Pricing changes are proven to have a huge impact on growth. Little tweaks can separate winners from losers. But they are almost always made when it’s too late, if at all.

And it doesn’t stop with “only” leaving money on the table. We also wave our customers’ buying experience. Ask yourself how is it possible that SaaS UX has risen above and beyond, with time-to-value measured by seconds and companies running dozens of A/B testing on every product page layout, but the users’ buying experience is still limited to what our billing solutions allow?

Both our GTM strategy and buying experience must never be a result of our billing tools, but our customers’ needs and our business goals.

Clearly, it has to change

But why now? The answer was almost too obvious.

In the growth stage, SaaS companies’ cost of sales and customer success explode, chewing whatever’s left of their revenue. COGS is the real engine behind the world’s shift from traditional sales to product-led and self-service. More than ever before, companies building SaaS require flexibility and speed in pricing & packaging. Users expect more options and more customization in how they pay and what value they get in return for their money.

New requirements for SaaS companies in a PLG-led world.

In a product-led environment, the ability to quickly tweak, test and roll-out different pricing plans and offerings is fundamental. Finding value-based pricing is a data-driven mission; it can not be achieved without the right infrastructure to support it.

Introducing freemium, self-service or even free trials into your customer’s buying experience requires iteration. It can not be a one-off effort. It is an ongoing optimization process, informed by relevant data and automation, in order to find the sweet spot between how much value to give away and right moment to charge. Similarly to how product analytics tools fueled a generation of data-driven product managers, now a new type is shaping — pricing product managers.

Stigg. Feature inspector.

Buying experience is now a product priority

Pricing is now a product concern, and so consequently, engineers are now struggling to support increasingly complex pricing models and countless pricing & packaging iterations. They spend way too many painful hours building and maintaining platforms internally. In a world where hiring talented developers is becoming more and more difficult, any minute of their time not spent on core business value is a big deal.

Stigg's dashboard. Environment health.

Free up developers from building and maintaining SaaS pricing

That’s where Stigg comes in: we have created flexible and easy to use pricing & packaging APIs.
In a nut-shell, we gave new life to the concept of entitlements, and have created ready-to-use abstractions and taxonomy, which constitute any pricing model: subscriptions, pay-as-you-go, seat-based, usage-based, flat fee, freemium, free-trial, a-la-carte and more.

Entitlements give engineering teams fine-tuned control over what can be packaged and priced separately.

Stigg’s software and API’s give developers fine-tuned control over what can be packaged and priced separately, so that product and growth teams can rapidly tweak, test and roll-out pricing changes with no-code. By building better tooling for developers, SaaS companies can launch new pricing in minutes, instead of months. Stigg seamlessly integrates with your billing tools, your CRM, your data pipelines, email marketing infra, and even your website CMS. This way, every change made through Stigg syncs and permeates to all the important knobs. Finally, you can manage and roll-out your pricing plans with a click.

And we didn’t stop there; we have created a top-notch CLI and developer documentation, with supporting tooling to get you started and integrated with just a few lines of code.

With and without Stigg

By doing so, not only have we reduced the load and time spent by developers on these iterations, but we have also leveled up what can be done by product managers in-order to unlock new growth through monetization optimization.

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