Pricing for developers, at scale: Why 3 ex-New Relic just joined Stigg

This month, three incredible ex-New Relic developers join Stigg. Here's why we're so excited they're here, and why they've decided to join our mission.

New Relic team joins Stigg

A month ago, we welcomed three amazing builders and old-time friends from New Relic to our team.

As Yoav Tanami, Tom Peri, and Ari Aviran are settling in, I wanted to take a moment to share why I am personally so thrilled about having them on board, and of course, ask them why they decided to join.

When Anton and I first started this company, we knew one thing: we want to make pricing and packaging flexible. We wanted to help EPD teams be nimble in the way they build, maintain and launch pricing. This should be true for any pricing model, any team, at any size, stage, or scale. Pricing should be a growth lever, not a setback, and in the new world, it must move *faster* than product innovation. More than anything we wanted to solve this

What led us to rejoin forces

A big portion of our passion and drive towards solving this huge pain was conceived in our time shared as peers at New Relic. With Bill Staples as our CEO, we simply couldn’t build software in 2020-2021 at New Relic without saying: pricing, entitlements, metering, usage, consumption. This is the first reason why I am so excited to have Yoav, Tom, and Ari on board. Similarly to Anton and I, they have experienced this pain firsthand and deeply understand what it takes to engineer a highly-available and highly-scalable pricing & packaging infrastructure in complex architectures and environments.

The second part is Stigg is growing incredibly fast. The market is pulling the product out of our hands at such a fast-moving pace, sometimes faster than we can build.

We need more power.

Before Stigg, Yoav Tanami was building software at New Relic and was the founding engineer of which was later acquired by JFrog

Tom Peri helped rebuild New Relic's notification infrastructure from the ground up, worked on the email marketing platform of AppCard, and spent several years in early-stage startup environments.

Ari Aviran has been building software professionally for the past 13 years, from small startup companies to large organizations like New Relic and Elastic. He's led several strategic UI projects, from New Relic’s new alerting & incident management UI to Elastic’s first version of their cloud security UI. 

They all bring passion and vast experience in building software for developers. Exactly the kind of power our team requires as we move toward our next stage of growth. 

Joining our amazing founding engineering team, I’m speechless about what the future holds for this incredible group of builders.

So, why Stigg?


“At New Relic, I’ve discovered first-hand how complex the pricing & packaging ecosystem is. So, when I spoke to Dor and Anton, I was convinced right away that Stigg will make a huge impact. So, naturally, I felt I wanted to take part in their mission to solve that complexity for SaaS. But what really sold me was the people. When I met with the team I immediately saw that Stigg is packed with super talented people. Excited to be here!”


“In considering my next professional journey, I was keen on joining a company dedicated to addressing both technical and product-related challenges. What drew me to Stigg was its commitment to low latency, high availability, and scalability, all while remaining developer-centric. My past experience, especially with developing the notification system at New Relic, combined with my insights into pricing and packaging from previous early-stage startups, made me confident in my ability to contribute to Stigg's mission of resolving these challenges for every SaaS company.”


“I love working on solving problems I can relate to. Stigg, building a developer-first product in an interesting, new domain, felt like the perfect fit for me. The company is in that phase of growth, where the team is small, top-notch, and ships fast, and where I feel I can make a big impact. And on top of that, the social aspect at Stigg is great, too, with the team working together in the office most of the time.”