Under the hood of Stigg

Headless Pricing and Packaging Infrastructure


Accessible from anywhere

Our services are accessible from anywhere in the world, without compromising performance or latency.

Stigg's API is globally scalable and highly available by leveraging a content delivery network (CDN), where our code is executed at a location (regional edge) closest to your user.

Built for speed & scale

To serve entitlement requests
Up time with multiple layers of redundancy
Requests handled
monthly worldwide
Subscriptions managed monthly
Events handled monthly
Scalable metering

Advanced metering at scale

Stigg supports large volume data to be ingested, processed, aggregated, and reported in real-time. Ingest usage data from any source (SDK, AWS S3, Segment, etc.).

Usage cache ensures that current usage value can quickly be retrieved at all times. Raw data is being sent to persistent storage, where the aggregation and filtering logic takes place. The usage is reported to your payment gateway.

Smart caching

Entitlements are cached to prevent network trips for access checks.

The cache is invalidated by frequently polling for updates, or by listening to real-time updates delivered by a WebSocket connection from our API. This way changes are propagated almost instantaneously.

External cache solutions like Redis are supported.

const client = await Stigg.initialize( {
    // Enable polling
entitlementPollingInterval: 5000,

    // Enable streaming of updates
realtimeUpdatesEnabled: true
} ) ;
const stiggClient = Stigg.initialize( {
  entitlementsFallback: {
    ‘feature-number-of-seats‘: {
       hasAccess: true,
    ‘feature-templates‘: {
        hasAccess: true,
       usageLimit: 10,

Resilient by design

In case where the entitlement local data is missing and the API is unreachable
(for example, a network outage),
fallback values can be configure to provide business continuity.

Persistent caching

Provide an external store to persist the customer entitlements data which can survive restarts and be accessed by multiple processes.

If your application is a fleet consisting of dozens of servers, or if you have a serverless infrastructure where each process is transient and can be de-provisioned after a limited period of time, a persistent cache can significantly reduce cache misses and improve latency.

Compliant and secure

Stigg’s platform undergoes rigorous external audits and regular updates to deliver the highest grade of industry security and compliance standards, including SOC 2 Type II compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

Reliable by design

Stigg provides a reliable, high-availability solution that ensures seamless operation of your application.

We’ve implemented safeguards including retries for all billing & CRM integrations and notifications for errors and failures. Our two-way sync assures no lost messages, and every system change is tracked and relayed to your server via webhook.

With real-time monitoring and 24/7 support, we guarantee uninterrupted, top-quality service.

Sync retries for
network errors
Audit log
Messages are
queued, never lost
Developer health
Sync failure alerts
Persistent changes,
accessible via Webhooks