Introducing Stigg’s no-code designer

In this product update, we introduce Stigg’s no-code designer - the absolute easiest and quickest way to turn Stigg’s out-of-the-box widgets into fully customized paywalls and customer portals.

Sara Nelissen
Dec 13, 2022
min read
Introducing Stigg’s no-code designer

Widgets are awesome. They give busy engineering teams fully solved, out-of-the-box components, without spending weeks on development. We love widgets, and create new ones all the time, like our paywall or our customer portal.

Of course, styling is crucial, to seamlessly fit those widgets into your app or website. So, today, we’re launching Stigg’s no-code designer. It allows engineering teams - or any team for that matter - to easily customize any Stigg widget.

Fully customizable, zero code

Stigg’s no-code designer allows you to quickly customize colors, typography, and layout of our paywalls and customer portal.

We’ve added a Preview option inside the designer, so you can easily check your designs across different subscription statuses. As the headless pricing platform that gives you maximum flexibility to iterate and update your pricing model without any code, we also give you the option to easily review your widget designs with different pricing models - flat fee, per unit, or usage based.

We also support advanced customization, like changing the default texts of the CTA buttons, using CSS and JavaScript. If you have already implemented any advanced customization with Stigg, our latest product update won’t affect your designs.

Launch faster, forget maintenance

Stigg’s promise is to help engineering teams build pricing plans faster and drastically cut time spent on maintenance, while giving the business full flexibility in iterating and optimizing the way they go to market.

As quick as creating them, integrating Stigg’s snap-in widgets only takes two steps. Simply install Stigg’s frontend SDKs and embed your widget. We support all common frontend frameworks: React, Vue, Wordpress, Webflow, and plain HTML. For more information, please check out our docs on rendering paywalls and customer portals.

And the best thing - this is the end of tedious maintenance. Stigg’s paywalls and customer portals will automatically update any changes made to your pricing plans. Whether you want to update packaging or rebuild your entire pricing model, you can do that from Stigg’s platform in a couple of button clicks, zero code update required.

To build and maintain your pricing with Stigg, get started here - it’s free. If you already use Stigg, check out how to customize your paywalls and customer portals in the changelog.