Introducing Stigg’s customer portal widget

In this product update, we introduce Stigg’s customer portal widget - the fastest way to introduce best-in-class customer portals to let your customers manage their pricing plan, view usage data, or update billing information.

Introducing Stigg’s customer portal widget

Today, customers expect to easily manage their pricing plan and have full visibility into their usage data. Yet, this requires engineering resources to build a customer portal inside your product - or a support team that handles requests manually. SaaS businesses are forced to choose between taking the focus away from building core product innovations or offering a sub-par user experience that doesn’t scale.

So, today, we launch Stigg’s customer portal widget. The fastest way for engineering teams to launch best-in-class customer portals in-app that will make your customers happy while minimizing engineering investments.

Give your users more control

Stigg’s customer portal widget allows your users to easily manage their pricing inside your app and easily switch between plans. As a Stigg user, you also can leverage Stigg’s paywall widget to launch in-app paywalls out of the box and let your customers easily upgrade or downgrade.

Customers can easily follow their usage data and see add-ons and promotional entitlements they have access to. 

Launch a customer portal in minutes

Just like Stigg’s paywall widget, engineering teams can launch a best-in-class customer portal in a simple 2-step integration:

  1. Initialize the React SDK
  2. Render the customer portal

Following our promise with Stigg to help you launch pricing faster, the customer portal widget removes more than 400(!) lines of code for engineering teams. 

You can render Stigg’s customer portal in all common frontend frameworks: React, Vue, Wordpress, Webflow, and plain HTML.

For more information, please check out our docs.

Modular and fully customizable

We’ve built this widget based on best practice and our own research. This layout represents what we found to be best-in-class. However, we also give you full flexibility of rendering your very own customer portal using all inner components as standalone sections.

You also get complete control over colors and themes. We support native customization options allowing you to overwrite texts, width, height and colors inside the widget. On top of that, you can also fully overwrite any styling, using CSS.


To start using Stigg, go to If you already use Stigg, check out how to render your customer portal in our docs.