The easiest way to sell your SaaS on AWS Marketplace

Are you selling on AWS marketplace? Or thinking to add this to your growth strategy? With Stigg's AWS integration, you'll never need to write - or maintain - the same entitlement logic ever again!

Stigg now natively integrates with AWS marketplace

With over 310,000 global customers and a streamlined buying experience, it's evident why an increasing number of businesses choose to expand by selling their SaaS products on AWS Marketplace. 

It’s a brilliant growth strategy for many businesses. But for the engineering team, it ever so often adds complexities. Now, you have to manage entitlements twice - for your customers coming through your platform, as well as your customers coming through AWS.

Let’s put an end to this!

Today, we’re introducing Stigg’s native integration with AWS Marketplace - the easiest way for you to sell your product through your platform as well as on AWS, with only one entitlement management system.

No more writing the same logic twice

More code, more problems. 🤷

Writing the same logic for your platform customers as well as for your AWS customers isn’t just twice as time-consuming. 

It also means:

  • Twice as many potential bugs
  • Twice as much maintenance
  • Lots of room for misalignment, when an entitlement update won’t be updated correctly in all places, creating a mismatch between the services - and a mismatch to what your customers experience inside the product

One of our main promises in Stigg is to reduce your maintenance efforts spent on monetization - such as entitlements, metering, or billing - to ZERO. 

With Stigg, you no longer need to deal with customer entitlements twice. Once integrated, Stigg will manage entitlements, both for your AWS customers as well as the customers coming through your platform.

You don’t sell on AWS just yet? Awesome, because 👇

Stigg’s native integration makes setting up AWS ridiculously easy 

Integrating Stigg with your AWS Marketplace account can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Set up your AWS Marketplace integration within your AWS account. You’ll need to create an AWS policy and role to enable Stigg to handle entitlements for you. After that, configure AWS to notify Stigg about subscription updates.
  2. In Stigg, enter the ARN role you’ve created in AWS. That’s copy & paste.
  3. In your application, provision customers in Stigg when they're created in AWS
  4. Import your AWS products (i.e. ‘plans’) into Stigg. Done in a button click.

Once the import is completed, all you need to do is to add the entitlements each of your AWS plan includes (e.g. the Starter plan in AWS has 5 seats) and publish your plans. From that moment, every time an AWS customer enters your product, Stigg automatically fetches the relevant entitlements from AWS Marketplace and gates or limits feature access accordingly.

That’s 4 steps, and you’ve integrated with AWS Marketplace. Probably the quickest way ever to sell on AWS without having to deeply understand everything from the vast documentation.

And of course, also for your AWS customers, you can use Stigg’s metering capabilities, as well as our customer portal widget to create ideal buyer experiences within your product.

If you’re an AWS seller, try out our new integration today.