Introducing price localization capabilities in Stigg

In this product update, we introduce Stigg's price localization capability - an absolute must to enter new markets, cater to different purchasing power, and build exceptional buyer experiences.

Sara Nelissen
Apr 4, 2023
min read
Price localization in Stigg

Have you thought about price localization?

Tl;dr: you should! Otherwise, you end up leaving a lot of money on the table.

What’s very common in other industries, is still a fairly underutilized concept in SaaS. You pay very different amounts for a Big Mac in the States compared to India. Why? Because purchasing power and customers' willingness to pay are different.

The subscription-based economy, by nature, is global. Pricing is a crucial part of the overall experience a customer has with your product. $99 / month may be perceived as too expensive for specific geographies - especially, if your competitor offers similar functionality for a lower price in that country.

Stigg now supports price localization. Our newest capability allows you to

✔️ Create more targeted offers in different countries

✔️ Allow customers to buy in their local currency

✔️ Expand into new markets while catering to the local purchasing power

✔️ Test new pricing in selected markets, before rolling it out to your main markets

Price locally, grow globally

Stigg’s API supports price localization inside the platform. Stigg users can now build different offers for different countries, without touching their codebase.

Price localization in Stigg includes 

  • Different price points in different countries, for example: $15 USD in the US 🇺🇸, $12 USD in Israel 🇮🇱
  • Local currencies, decoupled from the current conversion rate, for example: $10 USD in the US 🇺🇸, ₹820 INR in India 🇮🇳
  • Different packaging in different countries, for example: 5 seats in the US 🇺🇸, 3 seats in Germany 🇩🇪

You can define different pricing for as many locations as you wish. For countries you have not defined any specification, Stigg will automatically use your product’s default pricing.

Pricing can, and should be, your competitive advantage. An outstanding buyer experience is directly linked to a company’s growth. Following this principle, Stigg decouples price localization from the current conversion rate. This way, your pricing will always be matched to the purchasing power and willingness to pay of each country you’ve defined. 

Test new pricing in selected markets first

Pricing changes can be nerve-wracking. Until you release it, you can’t really know how the market will react. 

Our mission at Stigg is to help you build better pricing & packaging in SaaS. Experimentation is a crucial part of our product and we keep building tools to help you test new experiences, learn fast, and adapt faster.

Stigg’s price localization allows you to test pricing changes in specific geographies first to collect market feedback and impact on your overall growth. Once you see everything behaves the way you like, you can gradually roll out changes to your main markets. 

Localized pricing support from your pricing table to your billing

Our north star at Stigg is to help engineering teams build pricing plans faster and drastically cut the time spent on maintenance, while giving the business full flexibility in iterating and optimizing the way they go to market.

One of the time-consuming and nerve-wracking elements of building pricing and making changes is that you have to think of so many different things: pricing page, in-app paywalls, customer portal, the billing, … Forget one and you risk losing your customers’ trust forever. 

Stigg is your operator, handling pricing end-to-end

  • Our native billing integration with Stripe connects both tools in one click and will handle all maintenance from this moment onwards. Once you define local pricing, your customers will be billed in their local currency - including invoicing, payment collection, and receipt generation.
  • We’ve built a set of widgets that let you introduce pricing tables, in-app paywalls and self-service customer portals out of the box. Besides being a major time saver building something like that, the best thing about our widgets is that everything you build, or change, in Stigg is immediately reflected in our widgets, too. So, if you choose to support Indian Rupee, our widgets will automatically update in the local market, without you doing anything

Stigg’s price localization capability is part of all plans in Stigg. Get started now - it’s free. If you already use Stigg, read more about price localization in our docs.