New feature: Go to market like Webflow, Hotjar, and Heroku

Stigg now supports multiple resource-based subscriptions per customer, so you can slice and monetize your product by the various apps, sites, or resources separately.

New Stigg feature: Multiple resource-based subscriptions per product

One product, one customer, one subscription. 

That’s probably the most common scenario in SaaS.

As SaaS products become more complex, buyer needs become more diverse, and competition becomes more fierce, companies have to be more neat with the way they go to market. If you’re building a product that offers your customers multiple resources, like sites or apps they can build, one subscription per customer might just not be good enough.

Let’s take a look at an example.

When we set up our Hotjar account for Stigg, we wanted to track both the website and the product - different number of sessions, different features required. Hotjar could have charged us for one plan, bundling features and sessions that somewhat fit the needs for both the website and the product. That would have left us feeling overcharged or Hotjar losing money on us.

Instead, Hotjar allows its customers to select separate plans for each site tracked. We could choose one plan for our product and another plan for our website and end up paying a monthly price we feel is fair. 

And Hotjar is just one example. 

Supporting separate subscriptions and usage plans for different resources of the product allows Webflow’s or Wix’s customers to choose the right plan for every site they create, enables Heroku users to pay different prices for each app they build, can be leveraged to price separately for different sub-accounts, and is common practice in the Platform-as-a-Service industry.

Following our mission to unlock pricing & packaging for SaaS, we now support multiple resource-based subscriptions with separate usage plans per product as part of our API and SDKs. 

  • Slice your product into different resources, like projects, workspaces, apps, or sites, and finally monetize each of them separately 
  • Give your customers more fine-grained control over what they need and want to buy
  • Provide better buying experiences with consolidated billing
  • …and get all of that out of the box instead of building it yourself

For the first time ever, out of the box

Engineering teams, this is the end of building monetization functionalities manually. 

We’ve extended our API and SDKs and now for the first time ever in SaaS companies can provide multiple subscriptions, with separate plans and separate entitlements, out of the box.

All you need to report is the resource ID of the provisioned resource you want to monetize separately. So, in the example of Hotjar, each site would be a separate resource with a separate ID. The resource ID will differentiate the various resources you’ve built when creating and updating subscriptions, reporting measurements, and checking entitlements for a specific customer.

Multi subscriptions support from billing to your customer portal

SaaS pricing is far more than the pricing page. It’s an experience. As such, Stigg’s platform covers your pricing & packaging end-to-end. 

Multiple subscriptions will be reflected in Stigg’s native billing integration with Stripe, so you send consolidated billing to your customers based on the pricing you’ve defined. 

For every resource your customer uses within your product, they can easily follow their respective subscription inside Stigg’s snap-in customer portal. The widget can be customized with your own branding and provides everything best-in-class customer portals should include, from following usage data, and managing pricing plans, to updating billing information. 

On top of that, Stigg users can monitor and manage all their subscriptions in our Customer tab.

It’s SaaS. You can’t afford to lock yourself in.

The SaaS industry is highly competitive and ever-changing. Your infrastructure needs to allow fast changes in the way you go to market to address the way your customers want to buy your product - or you’ll fall behind.

This is why we’re building the first pricing & packaging API for SaaS. Stigg allows developers to build and launch new pricing faster and enables growth and product teams to be more nimble in the way they go to market. If that sounds like something you could use, check out our docs or get started with a free account.