Introducing true hybrid pricing: Stigg is the first and only (!) platform to support entitlements AND advanced metering

For the first time ever in SaaS, you'll get advanced metering *and* entitlements out of the box, making Stigg the first and only platform to build true hybrid pricing.

Entitlements and metering are the only way to true hybrid pricing. And Stigg just launched that as part of their API.

Pricing is the heartbeat of any growing SaaS. 

Maybe you’ve started with a classic flat fee model - one price for each plan, full clarity for your business about expected revenue at the end of the billing period. 

Or maybe you’ve already adopted a usage-based pricing model, the rising star of the last couple of years, that has been attributed to superior CAC payback and net dollar retention rates, but also uncommitted revenue that bears a high risk for businesses, especially in downturn markets.

As the industry matures, SaaS businesses no longer follow either usage-based or subscription pricing. In 2023, an increasing number of businesses are adopting more complex, hybrid models that include two or more pricing metrics, often combining fixed fees with usage-based charges. 

The problem with building or adapting any pricing model inside a business is it requires already scarce engineering resources and lengthy development cycles. To build hybrid pricing models, you need to track and report usage to limit feature access inside your product and charge accordingly and support multiple billable metrics. In return, pricing models stay outdated for too long, keeping growth opportunities locked for way too many businesses.

This changes with our Hybrid Pricing Launch.

The only platform that is fusing advanced metering and entitlements

Until now, there has not been an out-of-the-box solution for SaaS companies to track and report usage, and limit customers’ access to features (i.e. entitlements). 

Historically, monetizing by usage has created significant overhead for the engineering team that nobody can afford.  

With our launch today, Stigg is the first and only platform that supports advanced metering and entitlements - your way to build true hybrid pricing, or any pricing for that matter. 🤯

Track and report feature usage in real time

Stigg’s advanced metering capabilities let you track and report real-time usage of your product features. 

For more complex calculations, like monthly active users, you can use our SDKs in multiple languages to send raw events to Stigg and let us handle the aggregation for you. You can report any dimension, like the data center, on reported usage and events to aggregate usage data or to display filtered usage data to your customers [coming soon].

Advanced metering, built for speed & scale

As a critical component in your infrastructure, we always make sure we put speed and scale at the forefront of what we’re building. 

Stigg supports large volume data to be ingested, processed, aggregated, and reported in real-time. Our infrastructure processes over 1B events monthly and was built to handle infinitely scalable metering.

Usage cache ensures that the current usage value can quickly be retrieved at all times. 

Build any usage-based pricing model

Tiered pricing, volume discounts, platform fee + add-ons, pay-as-you-go, or fully hybrid pricing, ... With Stigg, you don’t need to choose. 

On top of its advanced metering and entitlements capabilities, you can now add multiple charges to your plans’ pricing. 

Base prices charge a customer based on a recurring fixed fee - the classic flat fee pricing, where a customer pays $X per month for their plan.

Usage-based charges vary based on the customer’s usage of the feature you select. You can choose between pay-as-you-go, when a customer pays exactly what they consume, not more and not less, and in advance commitments, where a customer purchases a certain amount of a feature within their plan (e.g. seats).

Stigg now also supports more complex pricing models, such as tiered or volume pricing, so you can easily grant your customers discounts the more they consume a certain feature.

We’ve revamped Stigg’s snap-in paywalls and customer portals, too

Stigg’s snap-in widgets allow you to add complete buyer journeys in a few lines of code. Besides being fully customizable, without having to use code, what our users probably love the most about Stigg’s paywalls and customer portals is that they automatically update based on the pricing you’re building in Stigg. That’s right. No more code changes for any update in your pricing plans! 🎉

As such, we’ve revamped our widgets to support more complex use cases, like volume discounts or multiple charges within one plan. 

If your pricing includes one charge, our best-in-class paywall layout looks like this:

If your pricing includes multiple charges, such as a base charge plus usage-based charges, or multiple usage-based charges, our paywall displays your plans most accurately with “Starting at”:

Or do you support tiered or volume discount models? Simply add a dropdown to your paywall:

Our customer portal also got an upgrade, now displaying both usage data for the feature(s) you charge your customers by, as well as usage data for any other feature you gate within a given plan:

And the best thing?

Once integrated, Stigg will keep you ready for any pricing change that awaits you in the future. You’ll never need to touch your codebase for that ever again. 💙

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…and of course, we want to hear your feedback. Ping us in the chat in-app or drop us an email at if you have any. 🙌