Get up and running fast with Stigg’s API Gateway integration

This product update introduces Stigg’s API Gateway integration - the fastest way to gating feature access based on the pricing plans built in Stigg.

Stigg's integration with AWS API Gateway

Our north star in Stigg is to help engineering teams launch pricing faster. With our newest product update, you can now leverage Amazon API Gateway to easily gate access to features in your backend application and quickly get up and running with Stigg.

Secure by design

As the infrastructure for SaaS pricing & packaging, we put security at the center of our work. 

The API Gateway implementation uses Lambda authorizers to control access to your HTTP APIs. When a customer calls your API, API Gateway invokes your Lambda function and uses the response to determine whether the customer can access your API.

Highly available through local caching

Stigg’s mission is to create a reliable and highly available infrastructure that gives service to your customers, even if the unexpected happens. 

Stigg SDKs support local caching, which means that customer entitlements are stored in memory to prevent network trips for subsequent entitlement access checks. It also makes our API redundant in case it would ever be unreachable - such as a network outage. Our SDK can continue to evaluate access checks even when it's offline.

The local cache is invalidated by frequently polling for updates, or by listening to real-time updates delivered by a WebSocket streaming connection to our API. Choosing the latter, changes are propagated almost instantaneously. If you want to know more about the mechanisms we put in place to offer you high availability, take a look at this article.

Check out our example project on GitHub

We’ve prepared an example project on GitHub for you to check out our API Gateway integration, before actually integrating with Stigg. It's provisioned by Terraform to make spinning it up super easy for you. 🙏


Read more about integrating Stigg using API Gateway in the docs. To start using Stigg, go to