Easily accept payments with Stigg’s snap-in checkout flows

If you're charging your customers money, you'll need a checkout flow. And with our launch today, you'll be able to add a fully customizable checkout flow, tailored to your pricing model and independent of any billing provider, in just a few lines of code. 🎉

Stigg releases checkout widgets to easily snap into your product in a few lines of code

So, your customers are ready to pay you money for a subscription.

The last thing you want now is to have a clunky checkout experience.

Well, we got you! Today, we’re launching Stigg’s snap-in checkout widget, the easiest way for you to introduce top-notch checkout flows to your product in a few lines of code. 

🎮 "Plug and Play" checkout flows for inside your product

Stigg's checkout widget snaps into your product with just a few lines of code. Built for seamless experiences across any device, and supporting your system, whether you're all about React, Vue, Next.js, or plain ol' JavaScript.

This is, what adding a complete checkout flow looks like using Stigg:

🎨 Fully customizable, self-hosted checkouts

Forget self-hosted checkout pages. This widget will live inside your product. And because of that, we also made it fully customizable to match your product’s look. Stigg’s no-code widget designer allows you to easily set colors and fonts - and you get complete CSS freedom, too. 

📦 Tailored to SaaS use cases

Add ons, scheduled downgrades, volume discounts, ... SaaS pricing has specific requirements. So, we made sure Stigg's checkout widget handles any of those use cases for you. 

🔄 One integration, no more code changes ever again

Say goodbye to manual updates in your codebase - like all of Stigg’s widgets, this checkout automatically syncs with the pricing you build in Stigg, from small pricing & packaging updates to complete overhauls.

Yes, you read that right! Once you’ve added Stigg’s widgets to your product, it will automatically be synced with the pricing models built in Stigg.

🔐 Works with any billing provider

Stripe payments, Paddle, Zuora, GoCardless, Adyen, Paypal, … This checkout widget works with any billing provider you choose. Also, if you’d like to change your billing provider later. 

🏗️ Build full experiences with just a few lines of code

Who needs a bunch of code to build mind-blowing experiences? Not you! Besides Stigg’s brand-new checkout widget, you also get in-app paywalls, public pricing tables, and customer portals

Fully customizable, automatically updating to your latest pricing model version.

Curious to see what all the hype's about? Try Stigg for free now or check out the docs for more information.