Find Out How B2B SaaS Companies Price Their Product

Smart pricing includes research.
With the GTM Explorer, you get a visualized dashboard to understand what is going on in the market and get insights on pricing trends. Based on 250+ pricing pages of SaaS companies across all stages.

One Dashboard,
Numerous Insights


See Best Practices for Pricing Pages at a Glance

Know how many packages companies go to market with, which features they gate, if the signup requires a credit card, and what’s the most common CTA.


Select the Most Relevant Pages for Your Business

See pricing page trends by industry, such as Fintech, product-led-growth businesses, or CRM tools, and filter for the funding stage.

Did You Know That

~30%  go to market with a Freemium model

Less than 8% offer a pure pay-as-you-go, usage-based model
The most common gated functionalities are Support, SSO, and Integrations

Smart pricing includes research.

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