Stigg for CEOs

Agile pricing plans for your entire business lifetime

Stigg’s no code platform enables you to be fully nimble in your pricing & packaging. Launch pricing plans faster and unlock new growth opportunities now.

Finding Product Market Fit

The truth is, defining your startup’s pricing model is hard (really hard).

Launch your first pricing faster

Cut time to market from weeks to minutes. Introduce any pricing model, from freemium to usage based, and easily launch across your product, paywalls & billing.

Iterate quickly

Pricing is not a one-time gig. Easily test and tweak your plans, or revert changes, without chewing up your developer’s time.

Know what users will pay for

Get the insights to make smart pricing decisions. Stigg gives you full visibiliy into feature usage and helps you build better pricing plans for your users.

Proving Growth Fast

Your duct-taped pricing setup is now making you bleed revenue.

Optimize for paying users

A better buying experience is what stands between free to paid customers. Introduce complete trial flows and self-service options, without long development cycles.

Expand customer contracts

Upsell your existing customers with expansions to their plan. Allow your team to grant promotional entitlements & discounts easily from Stigg’s no code platform.

Improve NDR & gross margins

You probably priced too low until now. Identify your customers’ willingness to pay in pricing experiments  & quickly roll out changes yourself.

Scale Scale Scale

You want to enter new markets, but your infrastructure holds you back.

Introduce new product lines

Meet the different needs of your customer segments by introducing multiple products and packages with Stigg’s no code platform.

Add more channels

Offer more ways to consume your product with strategic partnerships or marketplaces and easily monetize them. Create multiple environments, give promotional entitlements, or build exclusive plans, straight from Stigg.

Realize new pricing strategies

You know how to fix your pricing. Nail your buyers’ self-service experience or go deeper into sales-led strategies. Stigg let’s you launch pricing models now & helps you understand what drives revenue.

Get advice from GTM experts who’ve 'been there, done that'

Join our SaaS pricing community where founders meet monetization experts to answer questions and build powerful pricing strategies.

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“Flexibility in pricing & plans is critical for the success of SaaS companies. Even harder, when catering for both Enterprise and PLG sales. You don’t want these operational considerations to become an obstacle for success.”
Tal Lev-Ami
Tal Lev-Ami
Co-Founder & CTO @ Cloudinary
"Immediately after launching self-service purchasing at Gong, we saw a stream of customers buying seats online instead of reaching out to their CSMs. This ability quickly became an important part of our go-to-market motion."
Eilon Reshef
Eilon Reshef
Co-Founder and CPO @ Gong
“Optimizing pricing & packaging is crucial for PLG companies, but technical challenges in the implementation often prevent rapid changes.  Stigg would have been a huge help to our developers at both SendGrid and GitLab.”
Scott Williamson
Scott Williamson
CPO, Ex-Gitlab
“Packaging and pricing is literally the core of a company's growth strategy. But there's a gap today between monetization flexibility and execution. Thanks to Stigg we can finally solve that missing link.”
Daniel Kish
Daniel Kish
Director of Pricing & Packaging Strategy @ Gong
“Packaging the value your product offers and pricing it effectively are often under-explored growth levers to your business. Being able to rapidly iterate your pricing to fit your evolving customer base is a must at every stage of your business.”
Srinivas Somayajula
Srinivas Somayajula
Head of Product Ops & Monetization @ Calendly

Launch new pricing in minutes

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